10 best reasons why you should book a Wedding Celebrant.

May 5, 2020 | Blog, Weddings

And have the ultimate bespoke and personalised ceremony.

Here are 10 brilliant reasons why you should book a wedding celebrant for your wedding ceremony.

  1. Your wedding ceremony will be completely bespoke

To successfully craft a very personalised wedding ceremony reflecting your personalities it is important for you and your wedding celebrant get to know one another well.   It is essential that there is a connection and trust between you as you will be providing very personal information about yourselves and your relationship.    Rest assured it is an enjoyable, fun and some say cathartic process.

  1. It will feel like a friend not a stranger presenting your wedding ceremony

You will meet your wedding celebrant several times before your big day so that you can really get to know each other.   It is really important to have a good rapport.  That person after all is going to stand in front of your friends and family and remind and tell everyone how you met, why you love one another, milestones in your life and your aspirations.  This is one of the most momentous events in your lives.  It is an important role and you should feel comfortable and relaxed with your wedding celebrant.   He or she should not be a stranger but a reassuring presence.

10 top reasons to book a wedding celebrant

  1. A wedding celebrant presents only one ceremony per day

Your wedding celebrant won’t be dashing off to another venue to do another ceremony.  Most wedding celebrants present one ceremony a day.  You will therefore have them for as long as you want them.  They are yours for the day.  They will arrive in good time and will be available for photographs after the ceremony and they won’t leave until they are absolutely certain their job is done.

  1. A relaxed environment for your wedding ceremony

To ensure a stress free ceremony wedding celebrants recommend that the legal formalities are undertaken at the Registry office during the week before. This is the ‘no frills ceremony’ offered by the registration services.  This process can differ from local authority to another so do check with your local one on the legal steps.  But once done it  means that the morning of your wedding is relaxed and stress free and leaves time for you to enjoy the excitement of the day without any formalities at all.

10 top reasons to book a wedding celebrant

  1. Have your wedding ceremony ANYWHERE you like

A registrar can only marry you in a Registry office or a licensed venue.  Whereas if you choose a celebrant to present your wedding, because the legalities have already taken place, it can be held anywhere you like.  The possibilities are endless.   So pick one that is meaningful and personal to you as a couple and use your dream location for your wedding ceremony.

  1. Have your wedding ceremony when it suits you

Wedding celebrants except under extraordinary circumstances only present one wedding a day.  This means that there is complete flexibility for the time of your ceremony.  Your wedding celebrant will fit in with you and your venue rather than you having to fit in with the Registrar’s schedule.

  1. Have total flexibility on what is included in your wedding ceremony

Celebrant led ceremonies allow total flexibility on what you want include in your ceremony.  The vision of your day is the main focus and therefore wedding celebrants will embrace whatever different religions, wedding practices and traditions and ensure that your ceremony realises your dream.  In the world we now live there is an ever increasing number of mixed heritage couples.   One can recognise this by including a nod to a person’s heritage or to please a family member.  Indeed any religious readings or otherwise, that are significant to you as a couple or individually, will further personalise your ceremony.

10 top reasons to book a wedding celebrant

  1. Write your own vows for your wedding ceremony

It can be a daunting prospect but before you know it your creative juices will flow.  Your wedding celebrant will provide you with ideas on how to get started and then pointers on where to glean inspiration.  But writing your own from scratch isn’t for everyone and you may prefer to use the generic familiar vows as a guideline with a personal tweak.   That’s fine too.  Anything goes.  Whichever route you take it’s the most magical moment of the day and you’ll want to get it to feel right for you.

  1. Include symbolism for added personalisation in your wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremonies by their very nature are full of symbolism but the inclusion of various symbolic acts can add even more personalisation and a visual way for couples to physically demonstrate their love for each other. It is also a great way to include important guests such as children, parents or special friends within the ceremony. Wedding celebrants can incorporate special elements in this way including handfastings, unity candle ceremonies and many more.

  1. Wedding celebrants are passionate about their job

Celebrants just LOVE to create ceremonies that reflect you.   They love to style ceremonies to suit your personality, your theme and your dreams.   They love people and have enormous empathy.  They are kind humans.  They are there for you and will support you from the moment you decide to book them until they present you formally you as a married couple on your wedding day.  Their job is done but your adventure is just beginning.

10 reasons why to book a wedding celebrant

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