Bridesmaids. 6 fantastic tips how to choose them.

Apr 14, 2020 | Blog, Weddings

Choosing bridesmaids for your wedding day can be quite an overwhelming prospect.   Here are 6 top tips to get you started.

How many bridesmaids?

There is only one rule when choosing your bridesmaids and that is that nowadays there are absolutely no rules on how many bridesmaids you should have.  You may only want your sisters.  Have them.  You may have one special friend. Choose her or him.    You may have a whole hockey team of friends all of whom have touched different aspects of your life.  Then have the lot!

Which family or friends do I choose?

There are so many differing dynamics.   Every individual situation is totally different.  If you have brothers and sisters and masses of friends, selection is going to be tricky.  You won’t want to upset anyone.  In the end it really is down to who you want.  In these circumstances a good tip is to have a much smaller group.   Be honest and truthful with yourself and really stick to who you feel are your nearest and dearest be it friend or family. That way you have removed the stress and pressure of who should or shouldn’t make the cut.

Whatever happens communication is key.  Be open with everyone and explain what you would like in an ideal world.   In normal everyday life friends and family have their roles and the same can be said of your wedding day.  On this particular day you want your go to girls for practical and emotional support.  So choose them.

Do I have to have a Maid of Honour?

No.  But if you have a sister or girl friend you are particularly close to it’s a perfect role for them.  You could have just her and a few young flower girls.  That’s such a beautiful combination and wonderful in all the photographs.  But make sure your Maid of Honour is happy to be tasked with the care of all those little ones.

Can I have a  Man of Honour?

Of course you can.  Your brother.   Or your best friend may be a boy.  Why shouldn’t he stand next to you on your big day.  Or double it up and have a maid and man of honour.  Whichever, whatever being a man or maid is an honour indeed.

Are there any other supporting roles to give my friends?

There are many supporting roles you can give others who you want to feel a part of your day.  You could ask them do a reading, be a witness or give you something borrowed or blue.  Or even the sixpence to wear in your shoe.

Can I have flower girls as well as bridesmaids?

This is a lovely role for a god daughter, younger sister, niece or your own daughter.  They provide the ahhhhh factor and can also be useful ring bearers or rose petal scatterers.  It’d be sensible to choose a child who is ‘up’ for it.  Shyness and stage fright can be a common occurrence for those who are too young.  Another top tip if you are planning a group of flower girls is to have an older one to keep them in order.

flower girls

If you are having a personalised wedding ceremony written by a wedding celebrant discuss with them the possibility of including a mention of your bridesmaids.  It may be that your guests may not know them.  This is an excellent opportunity not only to introduce the bridal party to your guests with some amusing anecdotes but also to thank them for their support over the years and indeed in the lead up to your big day.  Opportunities like this come along so rarely so take advantage so make the most of it.

Finally the most important thing is to remember it’s your day.  The people you have honoured with the role should be a reflection of who you are and who have supported you over the years.  Have the people standing beside you who you feel are the most qualified to do so.

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