8 tips on how to get creative with your wedding ceremony

May 14, 2020 | Blog, Weddings

And have your guests thinking ‘thats the best ceremony I’ve ever been to.

Get creative with your wedding ceremony.  Own it and make it your own.

Your wedding ceremony should be exciting, absorbing and personal and this is possible when you collaborate with a wedding celebrant.

If you are of an age when you are going to masses of weddings it is even more important that you pull a bit of creativity out of the bag.   You want to keep your guests engaged and surprise them with an inventive wedding ceremony.  There’s nothing more monotonous than knowing exactly what’s coming next.

You don’t want your guests having that ‘here we go again’ feeling.  You want your guests absorbed in the moment and to leave thinking and saying “that was the best wedding ceremony I’ve ever been to”.

Here are 8 banging ideas to help you pull it off.

  1. ‘A ceremony in the round’

Form a circle of love in the shape of actual loved ones.   A wedding planner will help you with the best way of going about this. You cannot get a more intimate wedding ceremony than that.  If you need advice on how many guests to fit into a space a good marquee/tent company will help.

This set up also provides all your guests with a spectacular view of the ceremony itself (no nodding off the in the back!) and furthermore if there is no obvious backdrop it makes you, the couple, as  the focus.

  1. Making an entrance to your wedding ceremony

Fo some brides, their entrance is the part of their wedding ceremony that they have dreamed of for years and they wouldn’t miss that moment for the world.  But for others it’s just not their thing.  There are plenty of unique ways to make your entrance.

Whether it’s walking in together, being escorted by both sets of parents or one parent or perhaps a sibling or even alone.  In the circle of love you could even approach from different directions.

Finally your pet could do the honours.  In short there are no rules.  It’s your wedding and your way is the right way.

8 tips to get creative with your wedding ceremony

  1. Introduce the bridal parties

The bride will have her bridesmaids, perhaps a maid of honour and even some flower girls and pages.  The groom will have his best man his ushers or groomsmen.  Will all your guests know everyone?  No the chances are they won’t.

Your wedding celebrant will ask you for information on each and every one of the bridal party.  The bridal party can then be introduced to your guests with an anecdote about them or a word of thanks to an individual.  Sometimes it’s a mass shout out, sometimes just a personal ‘nod’.

Whichever route is adopted it will gain the guests’ attention and draw them in to the moment.  Suddenly everyone knows who everyone is.

8 top tips on how to get creative with your wedding ceremony

  1.  Communal vows

Use the services of a wedding celebrant to personalise your ceremony.  At a timely moment within the wedding ceremony, communal vows can be included.

Firstly in a light-hearted way early on the in wedding ceremony.  Your guests are asked to stand and make the first vow of the day.   It is light hearted and actively encourages everyone to speak to and laugh with strangers and throw themselves into the spirit of the day.  It works as  a real ice breaker and gets the party started.

There is also an opportunity after the couple have made their promises for another communal vow.  This time it is more serious when the guests are asked to support the couple throughout their marriage.

  1.     Incorporate a cultural or symbolic ritual in your wedding ceremony

Again,  if you are using the services of a wedding celebrant consider including a cultural or symbolic ritual.  Handfasting, unity candle, jumping the broom to name but a few.

Although not for everyone they can be tailored to suit and there are many symbolic ceremonies to choose from and can have a double effect.

They are a way of including family members and/or friend.   All offer a visual element to your wedding ceremony and a keepsake from the day be it the handfasting ribbons, the broom used or the candles.

They also provide an opportunity for  those of you who are really creative to go wild with personalisation of whichever ritual you have chosen.  Making ribbons or cords for the hand fasting or decorating the broom for instance.

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  1. Readings

There are hundreds of thousands of different readings to choose from traditional or non traditional.  But you can get creative with your choices.    Ask a member of your family or friend to write something themselves.  Choose a favourite lyric from a song.  Or ask your guests to read to stand up and read one line from a favourite fun reading.

  1. Music

Simple and romantic tunes performed by a guitar trio or string quartet can really set the scene.

If you have friends or family who are particularly gifted why not recruit them.  Perhaps they could even write a song either heartfelt or humorous that reflects your relationship.   And who can forget the surprise band in the wedding scene featured in Love Actually.

And when you leave your ceremony how about pumping up the volume unexpectedly and go out with a bang!  Possibly even dance back down the aisle together.

  1. A signing

Rather than having a wedding ceremony certificate with just you and your chosen witnesses signing create a magnificent momento more like a guest book which all your guests can sign.  This will become a treasured keepsake of what will be remarkable day.

So let’s bring to an end to the thinking of “we’ll just get through this and in 40 minutes we can party”.     Let’s get the party started right from the beginning of the day.   Don’t be tempted by a dreary same old same template of a wedding ceremony.   Own it and make it your own.

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