All Talk No Action – Script Only Services

The wedding of Jess and Tim. Script only weddings

Are you thinking of getting married in a faraway exotic location but don’t want to use the venue’s prescriptive script?    Or perhaps you have a friend or family member you would love to present your wedding ceremony here at home but don’t want to give them the added pressure of writing the script?  In either of these situations you may be interested to hear that I offer a script only service.

The process is the same as if I was officiating the ceremony myself.  We would work together to create a completely personal ceremony that reflects your love and characters with your personalities and relationships stamped all over it for your friends and family to enjoy. Whether you want it to be romantic, funny, emotional, light-hearted or a mixture of it all, we will work together to create a ceremony which is perfect for you.  If you are thinking of personalising your vows, I would help you with this and in your choice of readings.

The script would be ready in good time so that whoever is presenting your wedding ceremony has bags of time to prepare and I would be available for any queries he or she may have.

Using this ceremony writing service could be the solution to wanting a professionally written tailormade personal ceremony but without the pressure of compiling it yourself.