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A Devon wedding filled with pure joy and happiness

Love and Romance …. Happy Valentines Day

Celebrants – Independent or Humanist

A Truly Personalised Celebrant Wedding Ceremony

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Love Actually, To Me You Are Perfect

Festive Romantic Gestures

We are well into December now and many of you will probably have already bought or dug up your tree, and it will now be standing resplendent in your homes.  I’ve just returned from buying our tree. There is something very romantic about buying a Christmas tree in the snow with the person you love.  There has been many a movie scene depicting just that like the image featured here in ‘When Harry met Sally’.

Sadly, I was alone buying my tree today. However, it still reminded me of a wonderfully romantic story that I was told by a couple whose wedding I presented this summer.

Everything’s Coming Up Weddings

Everything’s Coming Up Weddings

I’ve made it no secret that I love an outdoor wedding, but an outdoor wedding at home in the family garden is about the very best.  Especially if that garden is the pride and joy of one of the couples’ parents.  A wedding really does provide a reason for them to go that extra mile, indulge their passion and use all the fruits of their labour to decorate a marquee, create a beautiful home-grown bouquet and of course a backdrop for a ceremony.

There are so many reasons for me why they are quite the most special place for a ceremony.   Yes, I am a traditionalist and a hopeless romantic and a garden wedding is just so quintessentially English.  But for the bride or groom they are at home.  It might be a place that they grew up and spent their childhood playing in.   And even if the garden is new to them, they will still have happy memories of fun times spent with their family.

Our heavenly English gardens have inspired wedding arrangements for years and it’s a trend that will never die.  The flowers we have available, arranged loosely create a natural, romantic look.  Using all that natural beauty as a backdrop to your wedding styling is a no brainer.  The trademark roses and peonies are an obvious ‘go to’ but the smaller textural blossoms of veronica, sweet peas, fresh herbs and nigella with its appropriately whimsical more familiar name ‘love in the mist’ create a delicate contrast.

I shall be featuring Jed and Lauren’s wedding on the blog later this year.  They were married in Lauren’s family garden in August.  The terrace was where the ceremony was held shrouded in purple wisteria forming a completely natural arch.   Above is a sneak peek courtesy of the very talented Joshua Lawrence.

You can have your wedding ceremony in your family garden by asking a celebrant to present it for you.  If that’s something you might be interested in, please do get in touch I would absolutely love to help.

The Ash Barton Estate Wedding of Katie & Jooles

This is going to sound very cliché I know but I felt that I really was on a journey with Katie and Jooles.  And a very wonderful one it was too. All weddings are special but there was something about Katie and Jooles.   Right from the get-go when I met them on a Facetime call, I just knew that this was going to be a very special occasion.   We all got along famously but what I particularly loved was how important to them the actual ceremonial part of their day was.