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I recently shared on Facebook a blog written by a colleague about the difference between a Registrar and a Celebrant.  This got me thinking and thought it might be helpful to explain the difference between a Humanist and an Independent Celebrant.

Planning a wedding ceremony can be quite a balancing act if your families and perhaps even your partner have completely differing views on religion.  The last thing you want is to end up it being all about fitting in with the norms of tradition and family convention.

One of the reasons I became a Wedding Celebrant was because I thought couples should be offered an alternative to a Registrar or church service.  But having been married in church myself I wanted the freedom to include religious content if that’s what the couple wanted or there was a need to conciliate family members.  Here lies the difference between a humanist celebrant and an independent celebrant.

I am an independent wedding celebrant.  Not a humanist celebrant.   This means I can tailor the ceremony to your exact wishes allowing as much or as little religious content as you want.  Equally I will be delighted to create a ceremony which is completely non-religious.   Humanist ceremonies tend, as Humanists have no religious beliefs, to include no religious elements in their ceremonies.   However both Humanists and Independent Celebrants work in the same way regarding how a ceremony is created in that it is completely personalised and can be held in any location you wish.

An independent celebrant led ceremony can bridge the gap perfectly.  Including an element of religion be it a prayer, small act of worship or maybe just a hymn will satisfy shall we say the more traditional guest.

I can guarantee however that the main content of  a ceremony led by either an independent celebrant or a humanist celebrant will be so personal that any differences there may be will be forgotten as everyone will be charmed by the sentiment, humour and joy of the whole occasion.

All the pictures featured are from real weddings that I have been involved with over the years and  the photographers are credited when you click on the image.

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