Charlotte & Chris‘ Wedding at the Bride’s Family Home

At the end of July last year, I was lucky enough to conduct a wedding ceremony for Charlotte and Chris in Sidbury in East Devon, an area of outstanding natural beauty.  Her parents’ farm looks straight down the Sid Valley to the sea and that was the chosen venue for their wedding.

The scene was set.  Straw bales, a beautiful ceremonial arch with a spectacular view as a backdrop.  But yes, you’ve guessed it, that old killjoy the English summer was going to throw a spanner in the works.  Storm clouds were looming.  Jane, Charlotte’s mother left it as late she dared before deciding that it really was too risky to hold the wedding outside, as the likelihood was, we were all going to get soaked.

And so, we retreated to the marquee and with a few minor adjustments to the layout everyone was settled.  Charlotte’s arrival, looking so beautiful and happy, completely banished any frustrations about the weather.

Charlotte was given away by her very proud father and led her bridesmaids, who were her three closest friends, up the aisle to where Chris and I were waiting.

Charlotte and Chris are clearly very much in love, but their bond was tightened with the arrival of their daughter, Rosa.   Their love shines through their devotion and love for her.  This was such a tight knit family and Rosa has brought so much joy to their lives, that it felt only right that within their ceremony script their love for her was acknowledged and celebrated.

The beauty of a celebrant ceremony is that not only can you mention your children and celebrate your love for them but also, children can play a part and feel involved by including additional elements such as unity candles, handfasting or sand ceremonies.

Images are courtesy of Amy Sampson Photography

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