Brides reflecting on celebrant wedding ceremony

Mar 20, 2020 | Blog, Weddings

As a celebrant I know only too well the importance that couples place on their wedding ceremony.  We will have worked together very closely to create something really, special,  intimate and personal.

On the actual day of course the nerves will be jangling but there is also a massive sense of excitement and anticipation.  The planning, the decisions, ALL the hard work have culminated to this point.    Hours and hours will have been spent pouring over readings, listening to music and most likely because of it’s a celebrant led ceremony,  personalised vows.

Brides will be tucked away with their bridesmaids and mother most likely.  Getting dressed, putting on make up, having a glass of champagne.  Grooms will be with their ushers being jollied along, racing around answering last minute questions from guests or the venue.

In my role as Celebrant I will be waiting patiently always at hand with reassuring words for the nervous groom and ushers.  That period awaiting the bride’s arrival can seem lifelong for a groom.

The enormity of the occasion is coupled with also almost a disbelief that finally, in front of family and friends,  declarations of  love and promises will be made to the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with.  Wedding photographers often capture these quiet secret moments of reflection prior to the ceremony, whilst the bride is getting ready.  In the images I am sharing today there is a wonderful stillness about the brides.    A time of peace, contemplation and perspective before being immersed into the fun and excitement of the whole wonderful occasion.

There is something really amazing about a personalised wedding ceremony.   You are sharing something so special with the people you love most in the world.    It will be one of the most important moments of your life.   So beforehand, take a deep breath, reflect on who you are at that point and what you are about to do.   Because after it nothing will ever be quite the same, believe it or not it will be even better.

If you click on the image the appropriate accreditation is made to each of the talented wedding photographers.     My thanks too to the beautiful brides, Helena and Helen whose weddings were held at Rockbeare Manor Kirstie’s was at Deer Park Country House and Jan was held at Powderham Castle.

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