Frequently Asked Questions

A Celebrant provides a bespoke ceremony , with no rules or regulations, at a venue of your choice licensed or unlicensed and will not be a stranger to you on your big day as you will have met at least twice. The truly personal ceremony is all about you and your relationship and will have your characters stamped all over it.

A Registrar is a government official and can perform ceremonies only in venues licensed for marriages using specified contractual wording to legalise it. No spiritual or religious content may be used and the couple will not have met the Registrar before the day of their marriage.

Not necessarily. Most couples do prefer to register their marriage before the Celebrant Wedding ceremony. However, if you would prefer to register your marriage afterwards, this is OK too.

No. You will need to register your marriage in a Registry Office before or after your celebrant wedding ceremony in order to make it legally binding. This normally takes about 15 minutes. You need to take 2 witnesses with you and is similar to registering a death or birth. Depending on the area the cost is in the region of £45. This can be done before or after your celebrant ceremony.

No. A celebrant wedding ceremony is all about celebrating your love and relationship in a way that is special to you. There is no need to legalise it if you don’t want to.

Certainly not. Signing the register is simply signing the legal paperwork. The most meaningful part of your wedding day surely is the words you say to one another, your vows, and declaring your love and commitment in front of your family and friends. It is inconvenient that you can’t do it all at the same time but the inconvenience is completely outweighed by the advantages.

Yes I most certainly do.

I predominantly work in the south west but am willing to travel anywhere but please note travel expenses and overnight accommodation will be added.

Yes! Fan is always willing to travel overseas to assist with a destination wedding. Contact Fan to discuss your plans and destination, and Fan will provide you with a specific quote based on your intended wedding location. (I charge a daily rate whilst I’m away from the UK plus all travelling expenses and accommodation.)

It is very important to me that we do meet – preferably twice. Initially just to make sure that we all get along and I’m the right person for you. I prefer to do this in person but sometimes logistically this just isn’t possible so can meet over skype or facetime. The second time is crucial and it’s when I really get to know you both and get a proper feel for your relationship and characters.

Normally this isn’t necessary as we will have discussed the ceremony is such detail beforehand. But if you want to hold one I shall certainly attend but it will mean some additional travel expenses.

Literally anywhere you like!

Yes. You can do this yourself or with some help from me. Sometimes it’s tricky to get started but once you get going you’ll find it quite easy. Alternatively you may prefer the more traditional recognised vows which I will supply you samples of then you can choose the ones that suit you best. You can read them yourselves or repeat after me. It’s your day so you do it the way that you both prefer. We will keep in close touch throughout and I shall give you as much help as you need.

No. The content of a Celebrant Ceremony is not restricted to any culture, faith or religion. If you wish to incorporate a cultural or religious tradition into your ceremony, you may.

Definitely. Hand Fasting, Sand Ceremonies, Unity Candle Ceremonies, Jumping The Broom. Just give me a call and we can discuss anything you like.

Oh yes.

Certainly! Your ceremony is about you and your personal style. Fan actively welcomes your ideas, no matter how crazy, wacky, or unusual they may seem!

Absolutely. You can choose anything you want. Lyrics from a song, religious, non religious, silly or sentimental.

Of course. Whatever rocks your boat!

People encounter many changes throughout their lives and often wish to commemorate individual rites of passage in their own unique ways. Fan will work with you to provide bespoke ceremonies for all occasions which are important and personal to you, including . . . birthdays, anniversaries, baby blessings, wedding vow renewals, moving home, coming of age, divorce, or anything else which you may wish to commemorate.

I hope that this page has answered some of your FAQs, but please contact me direct to discuss any further questions you may have in more detail. I am always available to have a (no obligation) chat

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Fan is a professional marriage and family celebrant.