You Can’t Beat a Romantic Gesture at Christmas Time

Love Actually, To Me You Are Perfect

We are well into December now and many of you will probably have already bought or dug up your Christmas tree, and it will now be standing resplendent in your homes.  I’ve just returned from purchasing our tree. There is something very romantic about buying a Christmas tree in the snow, with the person you love.

Sadly, I was alone buying my tree today. However, it still reminded me of a wonderfully romantic story that I was told by a couple whose wedding I presented this summer.

Jed was living in Somerset and Christmas mad Lauren was still living in London.  Knowing how important Christmas was to her, Jed embarked upon a very grand romantic gesture.  He cut down a tree at home in Somerset, hoisted it on his back and boarded a London bound train.  More or less wearing the tree, he squeezed himself on to the tube and crossed London to Lauren’s flat in Stratford, and appeared on her doorstep. I’d like to think it was snowing too.

What an amazing vision it must have been for Lauren who, already fairly smitten, was completely bowled over by the romance of it all. It was like a scene from a Richard Curtis film.

I shall be writing a blog about Lauren and Jed’s wonderful wedding in the coming months.  But for now, I’m imagining them planning their first Christmas together as a married couple.