Finding The Right Wedding Reading

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Readings are traditionally a common part of any wedding ceremony. But finding the right one (and one that hasn’t already been used at your sister’s/friend’s/cousin’s/next door neighbour’s wedding) is quite a challenge. Sometimes my couple and I can agree a whole wedding script with ease but are unable to find a reading that everyone is happy with.

Then there’s the question of who reads them. For some, the thought of standing up in front of everyone and reading out loud, even from a script, can bring them out in a cold sweat. And for the couple, if they pick one person over another, will that cause friction within the family?

If you’re worried about reading etiquette and you’re starting to panic about finding something heartfelt and personal and weddingy and perhaps not religious and maybe not too long, and you have Googled every possibility….here are my suggestions…

I could write something personal for you both and include it within the ceremony. It’s what I do after all and I really enjoy it.

If you have chosen a friend or family member to stand up but don’t have a reading picked, Becky’s aunt (my Darling Buds of May couple from last year) wrote the most fabulous poem especially for the couple and she read it beautifully. It had everyone rolling around with laughter. Do you know someone who would be great at that?

Perhaps you could ask your guests to send you a little memory of you both, when they RSVP, so you have lots of content to work with.

And, do you know what? If none of this suits you, then don’t have a reading at all. What’s important is that you are happy and at ease and living your best day.