Getting To Know Me

I’ve been meeting a lot of new couples in the last few weeks which is sooooooooooo exciting.  My diary for next year and even 2021 is filling up nicely.   My website seems to be doing its job.  In the main my new clients have had a proper look and the FAQ section does seem to have answered most of their queries about the process of a celebrant led ceremony.  But I thought it might be helpful for prospective clients to have a blog that provides a bit of insight about me as a person.  So here goes.

I’m 58 (I can’t really believe it) though in my head I think I’m 40.   I’m blessed with an amazing husband, of nearly 30 years, and family and lots of fantastic friends.  I love them all to bits.  Our children, girl/boy twins and another daughter, all live and work in London and I love nothing more than spending time with them eating, drinking, theatre going, anything really!  Equally we are so lucky as they come home often, and nothing beats when we are all together feasting on a great big fat Sunday lunch!

Although I did my stint in London working, I have always loved the countryside and rural life so finding myself a Devon farmer was just about perfect.  Although to be honest I think Cornwall is my spiritual land; there is just something about it. But Devon is a beautiful place to call home and I feel so blessed to live here!  I love to laugh, party, swim in the sea, my dog Prudence, music, clothes, cricket and rugby.   I have a very silly sense of humour.  I’m told by my friends that I’m warm, kind, direct, generous and funny.

What don’t I like? Walking up hill. Seagulls. Sitting on the beach in the pouring rain, and unkind and bad-tempered people but we don’t want to dwell on the negative too much.

Hopefully that gives you a snapshot of me but that’s enough for now …………. the next one will be why I became a celebrant perhaps!