Are you planning to have your wedding ceremony at home?

8 top tips on how to plan your perfect wedding ceremony at home

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony The ultimate step by step guide

A wedding ceremony at a family home is totally unique, very relaxed and are only possible with a celebrant led wedding ceremony.  Here are some top tips on how to achieve your vision.

1. Can I have my wedding ceremony at home?

Celebrant led ceremonies are all about personalisation and what could be  more personal and intimate than being at the family home.  If you or your partner’s family home has a beautiful garden or sufficient land to accommodate a marquee then you have literally, on your doorstep, the ideal country house wedding venue.  Alternatively you may have a lovely old barn.  Either would be absolutely perfect.  Whichever way you decide though if your first choice is the outdoor wedding just make sure you have a back up plan in case the English weather lets you down.  Or have an endless supply of umbrellas!

2.  If I have my wedding ceremony at home would be it be legal?

No.  You need to choose a registration office and make an appointment taking with you the necessary documents..  Give notice of marriage.  After 28 days you will then be given an authority of marriage which is valid for 12 months.  You then make a further appointment for your legal marriage ceremony which will be held at the registry office.  You and your partner attend along with a couple of witnesses. This takes about 15 minutes.  It can be done the day, a week before or even months before your celebrant led ceremony .    Now you are ready to have your personalised wedding ceremony at home on the date that suits you.

3.  Will the celebrant led ceremony be like a civil ceremony?

No.  Your personalised wedding ceremony will be unique.  It will be completely bespoke reflecting you and your partner’s love, and relationship.   There are no rules or regulations.  You will be totally free to fully express and create your vision for your ceremony.  Your celebrant will work closely with you to craft your ceremony that tells your story your way.

4.  Do I need anything specific for the outdoor ceremony?

No but a wedding arch or back drop provides a focal point for the ceremony.  However it does not have to be fixed like in a licensed civil ceremony.  Before the processional all of the guests, once seated, will be staring at one thing.  Where you and your partner will be standing.  It may be a breathtaking view or your garden may have a natural arch of say wisteria as in these images of Jed and Lauren’s garden wedding captured by the very talented Joshua Lawrence.  A pretty background always looks great and in the case of this wedding provided a welcome shelter from the rain!

planning a wedding ceremony at home

5.  What shall I use for seating for our guests?

Choose some seating that is in keeping with your theme and your surroundings.  If you are in a marquee in a field perhaps haybales.  If you want something more formal there is a huge variety of chairs on offer to hire from event hire companies vintage or otherwise.    Don’t forget that you may want to be seated yourselves during the ceremony so make sure you allow for a couple of chairs for you two.  Enlist the help of a stylist such as Keeping it Vintage to help you.

6.  Will I need any other furniture for my wedding ceremony?

At the end of your wedding ceremony Celebrants offer an opportunity to sign a wedding ceremony certificate.  Think about having a table for the signing of the certificate and a couple of chairs.

7.  Will we need a PA system?

These are not by any means always necessary.  One of a good celebrant’s many talents is that he or she will have a voice that projects.  Unless there is a howling gale or it is a massive area there is not normally the need for a PA system.

8.  What do we do about music?

The music like the entire ceremony should reflect your beliefs, wishes and personality.  Music is a means to express yourselves.  If you have a talented friend who can play something special for you that would be phenomenal.   Robin was best man at Georgia and Tom’s wedding at home.  He is an uber talented musician.  Georgia always wanted to be married in a wood.  She and Tom had their ceremony in the woods next to Tom’s family home.  I have featured an image by Caught the Light showing  Robin, Tom’s brother played the saxophone as Georgia enters the ceremonial area.  We belted out ‘Jerusalem’ during the ceremony.  One of the best moments of my time as a Wedding Celebrant.

planning a wedding ceremony at home

Where could be more relaxing than having your wedding at home.  In surroundings that are so familiar, so special and with such happy memories.   It is possible with a celebrant led ceremony.

planning a wedding ceremony at home