Keeping Up Appearances

When I tell people what I do for a living.   Nine times out of ten they are intrigued.   The conversation follows a very similar pattern.   We go through what a celebrant is.  And then almost without fail I’m asked, ‘what do you wear’?   My staple answer is a nice dress and to make sure I never upstage the bride or groom’s mother!

For those of you who follow me on Instagram you may have gathered that I love fashion.  And one of the many joys of being a celebrant is that I do get the chance to dress up for a wedding quite frequently.    I used to spend hours online shopping or to be more accurate putting clothes in my virtual shopping basket and now I have an excuse!

Ideally, I would live in skirts or dresses all the time but it’s not always practical.  All my life I’ve hated my fat thighs so buying trousers/jeans has always been a nightmare.  They either don’t fit or make me feel enormous.  Dresses or skirts on the other hand are easy and of course feminine.  I may have thunder thighs but on the flip side I have been blessed with an hourglass figure.  In the old days my dresses tended to fit quite neatly to show off those curves and although I’m still not afraid to on occasions, in the main in these menopause days I do tend to lean towards the more flowy, often floral, Boho jobs.  Comfort is key.

Of course, when I’m working there are other criteria that need to be considered.  Not too low.  Imagine the cleavage stealing the show!  Beware of a wrap around on a windy day when it’s an outside ceremony!   Heavens what could be worse than the thunder thighs making an unwanted appearance in all their glory!   I can’t believe how many times I was caught out in the early days.  I now carry a good supply of safety pins with me just in case.

Outside ceremonies do throw up all sorts of clothing issues.  Too many clothes on a hot day and I’m puce in all the photographs – insufficient clothing and my knees are knocking together and trust me it is not easy to deliver a coherent ceremony when your teeth are chattering furiously.    However, if the bride can stand in her beautiful dress without a coat so can I!  Layers on these occasions are key!

But all in all, it’s huge fun and a wonderful excuse to indulge my interest in all things clothes!   The last thing I do before I leave for a ceremony is get my husband to take a pic of me and I then post on Instagram with the relevant shops tagged.  One day the mighty Zara might donate an outfit to the celebrant cause!  Pigs might also fly.

Until next time, Fan xx