Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic

I am a self confessed hopeless romantic.  Be it a romantic film, book or song.  I love them all.

Rather embarrassingly  I recall being caught by my elder brother singing Puppy Love at the age of 11 (showing my age now!) whilst dreaming of a purple and white clad Donny Osmond.  His poster was firmly fixed to my wall along with a real life sized David Cassidy.  I used to gaze at them both wishing that they were singing to me or indeed that some boy as good looking as them would!

So for my Valentines Day blog I’m focusing on my romantic favourites!  First up film.  Well for me it’s Dr Zhivago.  Omar looking gorgeous.  Julie Christie looking heavenly.  All that snow.  All those beautiful buildings.  All that drama.  All that heartbreak.  All of that and more.  I could go on and on about that film.   For me it’s perfection!

Now the book.  Another classic, Wuthering Heights – moody, passionate, more heartbreak and a wild, unforgiving and remote backdrop.   Finally the song.  You’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve moved on from Puppy Love.  But as a great lover of music it’s seriously difficult for me to pick one.   Today it would be ‘God only knows’ by the Beach Boys another day it might be something else – but god only knows it gets me everytime!

No blog on romance would be complete without naming the most romantic bride I’ve had the pleasure of working with since I started presenting celebrant ceremonies.    Bex and Gavin’s wedding was nearly 2 years ago.  They now have a handsome son, Hunter.    Their love for one another was literally bursting out of them and Bex was awash with the romance of it all.  She most definitely wins first prize for being my most romantic bride to date.

Luna Weddings beautiful images of their wonderful wedding at Huntsham Court reflect their love perfectly.

Happy Valentines everyone.

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