Micro Weddings – So many benefits.

Jun 9, 2020 | Blog, Weddings

Why a micro wedding may be small but are certainly no less significant and special.

Due to the pandemic there are many ideas being banded about on how is the best way to plan your wedding and comply with the regulations regarding large gatherings.  Micro weddings, sequel weddings and elopements.

Today I want to talk about why a micro wedding.  Simply put a micro wedding is a smaller more intimate wedding.

A micro wedding – what exactly is it?

The micro wedding concept is not new.   In a nutshell a micro wedding is a full traditional wedding, but on a much smaller scale.

The main difference is the amount of guests that are invited with the maximum being around 50.  However this really is up to you and how many your venue can accommodate.

In these uncertain times caused by Covid 19, the size of the gathering is the reason why the popularity of a micro wedding is growing.

micro weddings so many benefits

What’s the difference between a micro wedding and an elopement?

An elopement is normally done in secret with just the couple, their witnesses and the officiant, be it a wedding celebrant or Registrar.

What’s the difference between a micro wedding and a sequel wedding?

A sequel wedding is another term for a large celebration which follows a legal ceremony or a smaller more intimate ceremony.

Why might a micro wedding suit you? 

Not every couple want a huge wedding that may be because of the expense, they don’t like too much fuss or because they genuinely want a more intimate affair.

Less you need less you spend

By inviting fewer people than with a traditional wedding it will inevitably mean that your money will stretch further.

If on the other hand expense is not such an issue you can spend the same amount as on a larger wedding but make the whole thing more luxurious!   The choice is yours.  You prioritise where you wish to spend your money.    Your spend per head can go up but the overall cost can come down.

micro weddings - so many benefits

Less stressful

There is no doubt that organising a micro wedding for up to 50 people is going to be a lot less agro than the logistics of planning for 100 or more.

The wedding admin will be drastically reduced as well , so a micro wedding is ideal for those who are alarmed by the prospect of all that planning.

Furthermore micro weddings may suit those of you who have busy lives and don’t want all the stress that comes with organising a large event.

Less fuss

If you hate fuss and being the centre of attention.  If the thought of saying those immortal words ‘I do’  in front of a huge audience induces panic and anxiety then a micro wedding with less people and a more relaxed personal environment would suit you perfectly.


As with all smaller events, micro weddings give you much more flexibility on when and where you have them.

The simple task of trying to get over a hundred or more guests in one place at one time is a feat in itself and will most likely mean you will have to choose a weekend date so that more people can attend.

By having a smaller more intimate wedding you will have flexibility on how and where you have the ceremony.    A weekday or winter wedding may suit better.  Both these options will immediately free up more dates as well as be kinder on the budget.

Likewise you will have a broader choice of venues.  However don’t be tempted to choose a very large venue.  There is nothing worse than being dwarfed by your surroundings.

There are now many more venues that specialise in the smaller more intimate wedding such as the beautiful Brickhouse Vineyard  and Rock Farm to name a couple that are close to where I am based in Devon.

Furthermore if the venue is small it is the perfect excuse for keeping your numbers down because there simply just isn’t space to invite everyone.

Consider choosing a wedding celebrant to officiate at the ceremony.  Once you have completed the legal element beforehand at the Registry Office you will open up even more opportunities as the ceremony can be held anywhere.    No license is required.

There will be no restrictions on timings either as celebrants generally only conduct one ceremony per day.

micro weddings - so many benefits


The beauty of a smaller intimate wedding is that you have the opportunity to spend more time with your guests.  With a larger wedding you are lucky if you get time to catch up with everyone.

Venues that specialise in micro weddings are often multi use and/or exclusive use meaning a wedding day can become a wedding weekend or a wedfest.  This might be camping festival style or in a big old country house or farm.

Whichever way you decide to it will give you the opportunity to spend quality time with the all those special guests you chose to invite, who are most likely to be the most important people in your life.

What is the format of a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding can follow whatever format you want.  It rather depends where your priorities lie.  It can include all the familiar components of a traditional wedding or only the traditions and elements that are important to you.

By nature a micro wedding is an intimate affair and therefore a highly personalised celebrant led ceremony would be ideally suited.    Your wedding celebrant will create a tailormade ceremony reflecting your story and love for one another.

Don’t forget though to make it legally binding you will need to attend the registry office beforehand or afterwards if you prefer.

Small can be mighty

Your micro wedding may be small but it can be big on personalisation, intimacy and atmosphere and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style.

It will still be the wedding of your dreams and most importantly you will be surrounded by a carefully selected group of family and friends.  Those who you love and who love you the most.

micro weddings - so many benefits

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