Nikki & Steve’s Farm Wedding

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At the beginning of May this year I presented a ceremony for Nikki and Steve.   The venue was a marquee in the field on the family farm of Rose, Nikki’s childhood and bestest friend.   This farm was a place where she always felt welcome.  A home from home.  Rose has played and continues to play a huge part in Nikki’s life, and we included a short paragraph in the script celebrating their special friendship.

The ceremony was outside despite a biting north wind.  It felt like mid-winter.   Steve and myself (me wrapped cosily up in a coat) and Joe, Steve’s best man, who had travelled halfway round the world to support him on this momentous day, awaited Nikki’s arrival.  I had quietly decided that if Nikki was coatless which I suspected she would be I would jettison my own!    If the bride can do it so I could I.   Up the aisle she came looking quite stunning in just her beautiful dress and with no form of protection from the cold.  My coat was duly despatched.

Rose’s close friendship with Nikki was not the only relationship to be highlighted. Nikki had a particularly special bond with her father.   He very sadly passed away a few years ago.  Her brother proudly escorted her up the aisle.  It was an emotional moment for everyone none more so than for Nikki herself.  These situations are delicate.  It is so important to get the tone right and so within a couple of short sentences we acknowledged her father’s absence and her love for him.

A snapshot into Steve and Nikki’s story including many hysterical anecdotes and observations of their wonderfully close relationship lifted the momentarily solemn mood very quickly and the ceremony concluded with the couple exchanging their vows written by themselves.

Images by Kathryn Clarke-Mcleod Photography

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