Why postponing your wedding to 2021 is better than compromising

Jul 1, 2020 | Blog, Weddings

Wedding planning advice for those dreaming of a large gathering of friends and family.

Should you postpone or compromise by changing your plans and having a small gathering of only 30 people.  Or should you postpone your wedding until a time when you can celebrate in the way you had originally planned and dreamed.

In the light of the most recent government guidelines this is the dilemma couples are facing.  Postpone or compromise their wedding dreams.

If your wedding plan was for a small intimate micro wedding or elopement then the new guidelines will not affect you too badly.

However if you were planning a large gathering you have three options.  Postpone, compromise or worse still cancel but I am not going there.

So for the purposes of this blog I am focusing on those of you who were hoping for a larger gathering of friends and family for your wedding and why I think to postpone is the better option.

why to postpone to 2021

Your dilemma

First things first.  Is your priority the legals?   Or is it to have all those friends and family members who are important to you present to witness your commitment to one another?

The likelihood is that your dream was for your guest list to include your grandparents and possibly some far flung relatives and many many special lifelong friends.

You will have invited friends or family who perhaps you see less often than you’d like.

They are important to you however .  Their lives have touched yours and they will have supported you over the years.

You wanted them all there to witness this momentous event in your lives and your wedding was to be a special and long awaited reunion of friends and a huge family celebration.

This will not be possible at the moment and unlikely for the foreseeable future.

What part of a wedding ceremony do you remember?

We attend wedding after wedding but what part of the ceremony do you remember?

Is it that moment when a couple declare that lifetime commitment to one another in front of all the special people in their lives.

Or is it the legal aspect of the wedding ceremony.  In essence a few contractual words.

Consider this and then prioritise what is important to you.

Your choices

Decide whether to have the basic ceremony this year when the Registrar can squeeze you in with just you and your witnesses and celebrate at a later date using the services of a wedding celebrant.

Alternatively you decide to postpone the lot until next year.

Either is better than compromising your entire wedding.

why you should postpone to 2021 rather than compromise

What does your wedding ceremony mean to you?

Rarely do you meet someone who is not excited about getting married.  A wedding is one of the most important events in the life of anyone.

As individuals we have are own dreams and vision for our big day but for everyone your wedding is a symbol of a commitment and the foundation of your love for one another.

A wedding spills with emotion all day but it’s the ceremony that is the heartbeat of it.  The first kiss, the reading of the vows, the exchanging of the rings, the confetti toss.

All these familiar traditional moments are all part of the dream of your wedding day.

Standing head and shoulders though above everything and when it really doesn’t get much more real is when you promise to spend the rest of your life with someone

It is that moment when you will create a lasting memory together and it’s that moment when you need all your family and friends to celebrate with you afterwards.

why postpone to 2021 rather than compromise your dream wedding

Love and support of others

A wedding is not just about you two as a couple– it’s about everyone else too.  A wedding is to celebrate the impact that all your friends and families have had on your relationship.

A wedding is an opportunity for all those loved ones to get to understand the foundation of who  you are through all your friendships.

It’s a moment you have to sincerely thank everyone for supporting you and shaping you into the people you now are.

You planned a larger wedding to facilitate all these elements.

Weddings are valuable and important to all your friends and families.   Your bond and relationship is reinforced by the people that truly want the best for you.

Furthermore the success of your partnership directly contributes to the success of their own happiness.

Your friends and family are gathered in one space, your wedding, because of you.  Many of them will have no reason to interact with one another if it weren’t for your collective existence.

They have chosen to be there at that moment to celebrate a union that they genuinely hope will endure for a lifetime.

Making memories

Nostalgic memories are in the main social memories and so many of them are connected to family celebrations and experiences.

No event is more positive or celebratory than a wedding.  Reuniting family members and friends across generations and sharing memories from days gone by with them is the perfect formula for a great and happy day.

Your wedding will create new happy memories to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Love, family, and friendship will never go out of style, and will always fly high above rules and regulations and the demands of trends.

Hold that dear to your heart and all being well a year or so on when you say “I do” you will have the wedding you dreamed of.

Family is the foundation of all that we do. Friends are the “super glue” that keep our frayed edges from splitting.   You have every right to share your day with all of them.

Don’t compromise.  Postpone.

why you should postpone to 2021 rather than compromise

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