Real wedding ceremony in a traditional marquee

Beautiful brides celebrate their wedding at Ash Barton Estate

This amazing real wedding ceremony was held in a traditional poled marquee at the Ash Barton Estate in Devon.

It is going to sound very cliché I know but I felt that I really was on a journey with Katie and Jooles.  And a very wonderful one it was too. All weddings are special but there was just something about this couple.   Right from the get-go when I met them on a Facetime call, I just knew that this was going to be a very special wedding.   We all got along famously but what I particularly loved was how important to them the actual wedding ceremony part was.

They had thought of everything and in great detail and had so many wonderful ideas that they wanted to incorporate into their wedding ceremony.  Their enthusiasm and creativity were infectious.  Every bit of the day was filled with personal touches but no more so than the ceremony itself.

Their wedding was at the Ash Barton Estate in North Devon.  It’s a large house in a magical setting and all the more ideal for the uber creative couple as it is a completely blank canvas.  They used the services of the brilliant Blue Fizz Events and their traditional canvas poled marquee for the ceremony.

same sex couple wedding ceremony
same sex couple wedding ceremony
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The guests were seated on haybales forming a circle.  Katie and Jooles were escorted by their parents and entered the traditional marquee from different entrances to join me in the centre.    What followed was a wedding ceremony filled with warmth, sincerity, laughter and audience participation.   The feeling of joy and happiness emanating not only from Katie and Jooles but also all the guests was palpable.

To be included in the wedding ceremony was a poem called ‘I’ll be there’ by Louise Cuddon which summed them up perfectly.    A small group of friends and family had been given a line each to read.  One after another they stood up and read their line.  There had been no rehearsals.  We winged it and it was perfect.

Of course, Katie and Jooles had written their own heartfelt and beautiful vows which were followed by a short but touching ring exchange.   At this point there is often the signing of a witness certificate by a few friends or family.  Not Jooles and Katie.  They had created a witness scroll and ALL the guests were asked to sign it at some stage during the celebrations so that they had a forever record of the day.

The images, taken by Megan from Heather Photography, capture the essence of the whole day beautifully and it was a joy to work alongside her and indeed the delightful Tracy from Blue Fizz Events.

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same sex couple wedding ceremony
same sex couple wedding ceremony
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