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Read all about Bex and Gavin’s romantic Devon wedding.

For real wedding inspiration for a romantic wedding there is no better than this Devon country house wedding.

Bex and Gavin’s wedding back in 2017 at Huntsham Court was an extremely romantic wedding.  These were 2 people who were madly in love and wanted to celebrate that love surrounded by their friends and family.  They were living their dream, completely in the moment and most importantly everything was real.  They got the dreary legal formalities out the way a few days beforehand and then got on with the bit that really mattered to them.

Love and romance is the essence of what a wedding is all about.  Whilst the flowers, décor and food are absolutely important, it’s the couple that makes each wedding so distinctly unique and personal.  The knack is to reflect that.  That uniqueness and personalisation can be only achieved with the services of a professional and talented wedding celebrant.

real wedding inspiration romantic devon wedding

Our meetings

We first met at Huntsham in Devon.  Bex had spent many happy family holidays in Devon and so it was the focus of their search for a country house venue.

The instant we met I knew immediately that we were all going to get along famously.   Bex was utterly charming and with an excitement that was totally infectious but equally uber organised with her clipboard and mood boards.   And then there was Gav.  Completely horizontal and just happily looking on and letting Bex do her thing.  The perfect ying to her yang.  Equally my dream couple.  They were full of love, fun, laughter, charm and a real and authentic desire to celebrate their love.

The second time we met was over a glass of wine in London.  At this meeting we talked through everything in more detail.   It was wonderfully relaxed and I felt as if I was with old friends.  When we said goodbye I just knew that I was lucky enough to be chosen to be part of something very special.

The Ceremony

Bex and Gavin had made it very clear that they wanted their ceremony to be personal, intimate but in a traditional style and to celebrate the sanctity of love and marriage.   Family was also hugely important to them and one of the reasons they loved Huntsham Court was because everyone was able to stay there and be fully involved in their wedding.  This love and closeness for their families was also demonstrated in their ceremony with fond mentions made to those to whom they are particularly close.   We also included amusing and familiar anecdotes that reflected Bex and Gavin’s relationship with each other and with all their family and friends.


They chose some a mix of readings from the humorous to the heartfelt.  ‘He never leaves the seat up’ by Pam Ayres which was read by Gavin’s uni friend and the lyrics of  ‘ I choose you’ a  song by Sara Bareilles which was read by Bex’s identical beloved twin sister also Maid of Honour.  She had travelled half way across the world to be by her sister’s side along with her husband and children including the newest member who was only 3 months old.


I received Bex’ vows very early on.  I think she may have written them years ago.  Gavin on the hand didn’t send them to me until a week or so before their wedding day.  This is by no means a reflection on his love for Bex.  More on the type of person he was.  Despite a fair amount of nagging from Bex he was going to write them in his own time.  Of course when they arrived rather as I suspected they were some of the most romantic I have ever heard.


Bex processed to the beautiful ‘Secrets, from Beethoven’s 5th Symphony’.  It builds to the most wonderful crescendo and couldn’t have been more perfect for this wonderful fairytale bride who had been waiting for this moment all her life.

The couple were very hopeful that their guests would burst into song when asked to join in with ‘all your need is love’ accompanied by a pianist.  Unexpectedly they were a little bashful.   It was left to their ‘game on and unflappable’ celebrant (not noted for her singing prowess!) to get everyone going!  It caused much amusement and just added to the relaxed and totally joyous atmosphere.  You should never fear things not going to plan.  They always end up being the most memorable moments.

The couple recessed to the oh so romantic ‘Everything I do for you’ from Robin Hood ‘Prince of Thieves’ played by the pianist.

real wedding inspiration romantic devon wedding

This was a heavenly wedding.  And do you know what it rained and nobody noticed.  It even may have added to the atmosphere.

It was first at Huntsham Court.  I was lucky not only to work with a truly lovely couple but also some really professional suppliers.  Not least Luna Weddings who shared these amazing images.  I would recommend them all in a heartbeat.  Likewise the video.  by  Movies by Mischke  and the caterers Milkshed Catering who I have been fortunate to work alongside many times since.  And not forgetting the fantastic staff and venue Huntsham Court a magical large 18th century mansion which can accommodate large parties of friends and family.

real wedding inspiration romantic devon wedding

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