Services & Fees

Whether it is love for your partner or for your child, the beauty about love is that it is so unique.

From £595

Baby Namings
From £495

Vow Renewals
From £495

All ceremonies include:

  • An obligation-free, initial meeting within a 50 mile radius. I listen to your ideas and discuss how we can create a meaningful, bespoke ceremony.   Telephone and email support throughout.
  • Drafting your bespoke ceremony and sending to you for approval, liaising with the venue and yourselves.
  • The ceremony performed on the day with professionalism, vibrancy and personality and dressed appropriately to compliment the bridal party and reflect your dress code.
  • Witness Ceremony including personalised wedding certificate

  • A bespoke boxed scroll of the ceremony script and vows.

Price start at £50 per ceremony

Handfasting Ceremony
Handfasting is a historical term for betrothal or wedding.  More recently these ceremonies have become a popular part of a wedding, naming or vow renewal as they are the perfect way to involve children, friends and family in your special day.   Coloured ribbon or cord is tied around the couple’s wrists representing their union.  Let your imagination and creativity go wild with the colours!  A beautiful keepsake hanging scroll or certificate is included.

Unity Candle Ceremony
This is a very romantic ceremony that has many creative opportunities to make it unique and personal and can include family members as well.  It works equally well for a naming ceremony.  The merging flames represent unity, strengthened love and shared lives and can be especially symbolic in a second marriage when there are step children.

Like the Sand Ceremony below we offer some beautiful candle holders/storm lamps  in fine quality  handmade glass and a bespoke engraving service.

Rose Ceremony
The rose ceremony is a way of honouring your mums and showing your gratitude and appreciation of their love and support.  It is also a romantic way for you to exchange first gifts as a couple.  We are able to supply bespoke heavily scented garden English and Fairtrade sustainable rose and herb bouquets, scented single roses, corsages and rose petals.  Images of these beautiful flowers will be available soon.

Unity Sand Ceremony
This  ceremony symbolises the joining you both and is often suggested if there are young children involved and ideal when looking for a ritual to involve them.  Sand is blended together symbolizing you only and/or your families being brought together and never to be separated.  Simple vases can be used or we can supply bespoke high quality handmade engraved glass vases choosing your own text or one of the beautiful designs on offer.  They  are beautiful keepsakes and can be used for years to come. Images of these products will follow soon.

Wine Ceremony
In the wine ceremony you can choose to pour one white glass and one red glass creating a blush.  This symbolises drinking from the cup of life and sharing all its experiences.  We supply bespoke handmade wine glasses and an engraving service.  Your initials or monograms can be engraved on the wine glasses and are very popular.  Alternatively there is a delightful choice of designs.

Ring Warming Ceremony
The whole wedding party can participate in this ceremony.  The rings are passed around the family members and as they are held by each member a silent wish should be made for your future and then passed to the next person.  You should choose a personal but secure receptacle to pass the rings round in.

Wedding Capsule Ceremony
Again there are some alternatives.  You could write love letters to each, or choose your favorite wines or anything that is personal and significant to you both.   Whatever it is then placed in a bespoke box or container which remains sealed until a nominated anniversary, normally the first.  Some  prefer to pass the box amongst their  guests who drop their messages of support, advice, well wishes or memories. Whatever grabs you.

Jumping The Broom
Jumping the Broom is a ceremony which signifies the beginning of a new life and creation of a new family by symbolically ‘sweeping away’ single lives, former problems and concerns, and ‘jumping over the broom’ to enter upon a new adventure as a couple.

If you would like further information on any of the above please contact me.