The Deer Park Wedding of Kirstie and Dan

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I have three outstanding memories of the day when the lovely Dan and Kirstie were married at Deer Park Country House.

Firstly, the weather.  It really was the filthiest day weather-wise.  Dear Dan couldn’t really hide his disappointment.  After all it had been the most incredible summer and 22nd September was one of the few Saturdays when it had decided to really chuck it down.

The second thing was Dan, his best man and his groomsmen.  What a striking and handsome group they were, and their closeness and incredible friendship was undeniable.  In the script I described them as kinsmen.  Brothers in Arms.  Friends for life.  Kindred spirits and boy, did it show.  One of Dan’s groomsmen, who shall remain nameless, was so overwhelmed by the whole occasion he just could not stop crying.  His joy for his friend was so deep.

The third thing of course was Kirstie.  She has a certain aura and serenity about her, and she looked absolutely beautiful wearing a dress that she designed herself!!  She had her close girl friends as her bridesmaids and like Dan you could tell that they all meant the world to one another.

I’ve heard a saying along the lines of “anyone who thinks that sunshine is pure happiness, has never danced in the rain” Metaphorically speaking we were dancing in the rain on 22nd September.  It was a wedding awash with happiness and love.

Images by Darina Stoda

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