The Father of the Bride Moment

The wedding of Andy and Sarah. Images by Emma Oakes Photography

I’ve been thinking about that father of the bride moment or indeed whoever it is who is doing the giving away!

When I meet a couple to discuss their ceremony, I suggest that it’s a good moment to give both Mums a mention. After all the Dads have a part to play but often the Mum’s can become unintentionally side-lined despite probably having helped organise the entire day!  It’s a brilliant opportunity and always a touching and emotional part of the ceremony.  Sometimes brides will actually write something especially personal which I will read on their behalf.

But it has recently occurred to me it should not be under-estimated what a big deal it is for Dad to lead his daughter down the aisle and the emotions involved in ‘giving her away’.   The relationship between father and daughter is often incredibly special and close.  This man has nurtured you, watched you grow and is probably the proudest person on the planet right there in that moment ………… a moment doubtless he’s spent a lifetime thinking of.

Those illustrious words ‘who brings this woman’ don’t quite cut it if that father/daughter bond is particularly close and special.  I’m going to re-think them for those who agree with these sentiments.  Let’s make that moment even more special and memorable!

So, when the ‘question’ time comes… I will be honoured to share some heartfelt and possibly hysterical highlights of his fatherhood before I ask him the big question.   But shhhhh we don’t tell him beforehand, because he has enough to think about with that walk! What a gorgeous surprise and honour for him, watch his chest puff out as he beams with pride…

For the purpose of this blog post, I have used the father and daughter as an example, however we can do the same for Mums and sons, Mums and daughters, Fathers and sons, whoever your wonderful family is made up of. Give me a ring and we can chat through ideas.  

the outdoor wedding ceremony ultimate
The wedding of Helen and Troy. As photographed by Nova Wedding Photography. At Rockbeare Manor