Wedding Venues Literally On Your Doorstep

I love travelling about the countryside and will go literally anywhere if I’m asked to!  However, there are certain, very obvious advantages for a local wedding.  Most weddings are on Saturdays and in the summer.  Sadly, for us Devonians the next words that immediately spring to mind after Summer and Saturday is TRAFFIC!  Whilst we welcome anyone to come down and experience this wonderful county, journeys that should take me less than hour can take me anything up to 2 hours or worse in peak summer.  I always leave masses of time for fear of getting caught.  I’d rather be sitting in a layby waiting for an hour than the stress of ruining the most important day of someone’s life by being late.

A really local wedding therefore is always a joy!  And so, I thought I’d give a shout out to some unlicensed and licensed venues which are right on my doorstep!

Unlicensed is easy.  I’m based near Ottery St Mary.  So, if you are nearby why not think about a marquee in your own garden.  Your barn or a borrow a kind friend’s barn.  In a marquee in your field or a friend’s field.  On Beer beach, Branscombe beach, Sidmouth beach.  On the cliffs.  A campsite in a heavenly place; there are plenty of them and you create your own festival vibe.  Let your imagination go mad and you can have your wedding ceremony ANYWHERE you want; East Devon is stuffed to the gunnels with beautiful places.

As for licensed venues there are plenty around and about.  But there are a couple that just get it so right. I cannot recommend Rockbeare Manor or Deer Park Country House more highly.  I have now presented quite a few ceremonies in both these venues.  They not only appreciate the benefits of a celebrant led ceremony but are also highly efficient, super friendly and helpful and, of course, they are right on my doorstep!

Until next time

Fan x