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Jan 8, 2021 | Weddings

What will the wedding trends be for 2021?

We definitely can expect the current trend for the micro wedding continuing and weekday weddings and second celebrations will become more popular than ever before.

For me personally and most exciting of all for 2021 we may finally see the beginnings of a major change to the outdated marriage laws which are currently under review by the Law Commission.

This could result in independent celebrants being able to carry out legal weddings.

But before looking ahead first let’s quickly reflect on the annus horribilis that is 2020 and then explore how I think weddings will look going forward.


Leaving 2020 behind

As we all know only too well this has been a year of stress, heartbreak and disappointment for so many couples with postponements and cancellations brought on by the onset of Covid.

It has been equally devastating for so many wedding suppliers who, in some cases have been forced to close their businesses and survive with no income at all.

The wedding industry has been knocked for six.

The fallout of this awful year will inevitably affect the weddings trends for 2021.

The positives from 2020 weddings

Before we get on to wedding trends for the coming year let’s reflect a littlel and not be too gloomy.  Some weddings did happen. Not possibly as originally planned but they were special and important and in many ways more authentic.

Indeed many positives have been drawn from them with couples saying how special, personal and intimate their weddings were despite the enforced changes.

Others, who were keen to get on and be legally married, are now beginning to plan a much larger celebration when the pandemic has well and truly left us.

This could be seen as a win win win situation. Marry the love of your life twice.

For brides there is even an opportunity to wear their beautiful wedding dress again or perhaps even buy another.

Remaining positive but realistic for 2021

However positive I want to be it’s also important to be realistic.

Not so much a wedding trend but a prediction that weddings during the first part of next year will be very similar to 2020 in terms of limitations and restrictions.

Easter is ringing in all our ears as being when there might be a change and I do hope that this is right.

And with that in mind optimistically I’m hoping that the measures in place will change for the second half of 2021.

Numbers permitted will gradually increase but social distancing will still be in place and the wearing of masks, I fear, for guests will be compulsory.

wedding trends


Continuing wedding trend of micro and intimate weddings

It would be unrealistic to believe that in the current world we are living that weddings will return to the lavish affairs of yesteryear.  It is therefore inevitable that micro and intimate weddings will be a continuing wedding trend.

The pandemic has made couples re-think what they want from their wedding and rework their plans. I see this as a positive.

For some time there has been an element of keeping up with the Jones’ and an unspoken pressure to go bigger and better.

The current restrictions will not allow large gatherings and so inviting all and sundry to your big day is no longer possible.

Weddings at the beginning of next year will continue to be small and more intimate celebrations.

Couples will reflect a little harder on what’s important and like in 2020 the day will become more authentic.

Couples are realising that by having fewer guests allows them to concentrate their budget on the elements that really matter to them. Be that the ceremony, venue, photographer or florist.

The ‘get wed party later’ trend

Understandably some couples just want to be married. With all the postponements and cancellations of recent months the registrars are extraordinarily busy and having a small basic ceremony at the registry office eases the pressure.

Others managed to elope or have a smaller more intimate ceremony at their chosen venue.

These couples are still hoping to celebrate as they had originally planned and are considering a second ceremony which can take place at a later date at a venue of your choice with all the bells and whistles and with family and friends in attendance.

It can take the form of a religious or spiritual blessing.

Alternatively it can be a personalised wedding ceremony presented by a wedding celebrant and can include all the elements that represent a familiar wedding ceremony. The reading of the vows, the exchanging of the rings, the first kiss and the throwing of confetti.

The party to celebrate your wedding without a ceremony would be just that a party. A wedding spills with emotion all day but the ceremony is the heartbeat of it.

It’s the final step in the process of becoming each other’s husband and/or wife and an opportunity for your friends and family to witness and share your union, happiness and love.

This wedding trend will definitely gain momentum in 2021 once the restrictions start to be lifted. I anticipate that there will be quite a demand for wedding celebrants in 2021 and beyond.

Live streaming wedding trends

This is a trend that is growing in popularity and the reason is twofold . Live streaming allows brides and grooms to share their big day with people who are unable to attend be the reason illness, frailty or simply because of an enforced reduced guest list.

Having your day captured this way is also a great way to relive it for years to come.


Weekday wedding trends

These weddings will become more popular by default. Yes they are less expensive as suppliers and venues often offer discounts for weekday weddings but that has always been the case. The main reason is because of re-scheduling.

So many weddings have had to be postponed from 2020 but with venues and suppliers booked up so well in advance, couples have to reschedule to weekday dates.

Weekday weddings have been unpopular because they have meant guests taking time off work and therefore people being unable to attend. But with the growing trend of the smaller more intimate wedding as well weekday dates are sure to be on the rise.

Garden wedding trends

Outdoor weddings have been a growing wedding trend for a while with venues whether a luxury country house or less formal offering amazing outdoor wedding ceremony spaces.

Brides and grooms are looking to remove any possible risk of cancellation and a new trend of outdoor weddings will emerge. I predict that garden weddings or ‘at home’ using tents, tipis and marquees will increase in popularity.

At home weddings also provide that all important flexibility and freedom to design your day exactly as you want.

Furthermore when combined with the ‘get wed and party later’ concept there is no reason why a wedding ceremony cannot also be included. The perfect ‘at home’ wedding which personally speaking are the best types of wedding and what I specialise in.

Relaxing the marriage laws

Not so much a trend but a possibility. Perhaps it happening in 2021 is a tad unrealistic but the fact that it is even being considered is hugely positive.

The laws stating where and by whom couples are married are out of date and unnecessarily restrictive.

There is currently a bill being proposed which would give much greater freedom and choice on the form they want the ceremony to take.

So all in all I think we really do have good things to look forward. So my message to you all is to keep positive, onwards and upwards we will get there and boy oh boy will it be worth the wait and heartache.

My thanks as always to the brilliant photographers who allowed me to use their images

Rockrose Photography
Nick Walker Photography
Kathryn Clarke Mcleod Photography

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