What Is A Celebrant?

A celebrant is someone who is trained to provide a custom made ceremony which is unique and personal to you.

Unlike a registrar, there is no legal limitation or restriction as to what you can include in a Celebrant Ceremony. You have the freedom to create a ceremony which is appropriate to you and your way of life, and can celebrate in a more meaningful way with a bespoke ceremony which encapsulates your love, style, and personality.

What are the benefits of using a Celebrant?

A celebrant will work with a couple to create a ceremony which is unique to them and their love. No two ceremonies are the same, just as no two couples are the same.

A celebrant ceremony can freely incorporate different aspects of religion, symbolism, or cultural tradition if desired.

A celebrant ceremony can take place anywhere indoors or outdoors, whether or not your venue holds a marriage license.

Who may prefer to use a Celebrant?

Any couple wishing to celebrate their commitment in a way which is more unique and personal to them.

Any couple wishing to include a symbolic ceremony such as a Hand Fasting, Unity Sand Ceremony, Jumping The Broom, or any other symbolic, religious, or cultural tradition which meaningful to them.

Any couple wishing to marry in an area of a venue which is currently not licensed for legal marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out my FAQs page to find some answers to your more specific questions…

A celebrant is a person who not only performs and officiates at ceremonies but also creates and personalises them to suit your style. No two ceremonies are the same. After all no two couples are the same!

“A registrar is a government official, responsible for keeping legal records. A wedding ceremony performed by a registrar must take place in a venue licensed for marriage, using specified contractual wording to legalise the union. Religious / spiritual content is not allowed in a registrar wedding ceremony.”

“A celebrant is an independent individual who is trained in providing you with a custom made ceremony designed to celebrate any ‘right of passage’ in a way which is personal to you, without legal obligation or government restriction. There are very few limitations as to what can be included in a celebrant wedding ceremony.”

A celebrant ceremony can have as much or as little religious content as you wish or, indeed, none at all. Celebrants simply don’t like favouring one wedding path over the other – they usually embrace different religions, wedding practices and traditions, as long as it’s what the couple wants.

There are no legal limitations or restrictions. This means you have complete flexibility over your venue. It does not need to be licensed and therefore offers you the opportunity to have your wedding in any location you find and love, inside or outside. You can also use the services of a celebrant if you want to have your wedding at one of the many amazing licensed venues but want a completely unique ceremony one free of rules and regulations.

You will get to know your celebrant over the course of planning your wedding and you will work together to personalise your ceremony to encapsulate your love, style and personality. Your celebrant will not be a stranger to you. You will have collaborated, laughed and created a script that reflects your love and relationship. It can be light hearted, humorous, formal or simple but will suit and represent you perfectly as a couple. During the course of the planning of your wedding a personal and meaningful connection will develop between you and your celebrant.

In Australia and many other parts of the world registered celebrants are authorised to perform legal civil marriages but unfortunately in the UK only Local Registrars are permitted and are bound by their legal format and there are limitations to the content of the service they can provide. They have set times, set locations and restrictions on what they can and cannot say or do. It is more than likely you will also not know the person delivering the most important words to you as a couple either.