Why you should consider a winter wedding

Aug 25, 2020 | Blog

What isn’t there to love about a winter wedding?

People can get a bit freaked out by the prospect of a winter wedding.  But winter weddings can be absolutely amazing.

Atmospheric, romantic, dramatic, cold and wet are just a few adjectives to describe them.  Some more appealing and helpful than others.

Let’s stick to the positives of a winter wedding.

Be different and have a winter wedding

OK so just before Christmas and at New Year there are loads of parties but in November, January, February (with the exception of Valentines Day) and March there’s nothing.

Have your wedding in one of these months and nobody will forget it.  In fact people will be super excited about it and have something to look forward to.

There will be no wedding overload like in the summer months when everyone is attending multiple weddings.  No comparisons.  No wedding fatigue.

It could be the only wedding your guests attend at this time of the year.  It will stand out, be different and definitely memorable.

Just by choosing to have a winter wedding you are being individual.  Winter weddings are less common.

Get in quick before everyone catches on and recognises the benefits and steals your thunder..

winter weddings

Cost and availability of a winter wedding

This is undoubtedly a pro.  As we all know the summer months are the popular ones for weddings.     This results in venues getting booked up well in advance.

There never seem to be enough Saturdays in the year as far as weddings are concerned and in the summer this is a perennial problem.

The availability issue does not apply to venues alone but to all the wedding suppliers.

Wedding photographers, florists, caterers, wedding celebrants and registrars will all be busier during the summer months.

In the winter months all these suppliers, no matter how luxurious and exclusive they are, often offer discounts as they are less busy and therefore can be more competitive.

Furthermore if you opt for a mid week winter wedding the costs can be even less.

The Money Saving Expert writes “To show how much you could save, we checked the price of a package for 50 guests at one country house hotel, including a drinks reception, wine, canapés, a three-course meal and evening food.

The package cost £12,000 on April to September Saturdays, £6,750 midweek and just £5,950 in January and February.”

On this basis alone winter weddings are definitely worth considering.

winter weddings

Winter wedding weather

No blog on winter weddings would be complete without mention of the weather.  In many ways the threat of bad weather ruining your day is less likely as there is no expectation of it being good.

Severe adverse winter weather conditions be it rain, snow or strong winds can obviously cause problems but for it to be so bad to prevent guests reaching you are rare.  The advantages of a winter wedding outweigh the risk.

Wedding insurance is an essential cost.  You must take out a policy that covers snow and storms and will compensate you if the worse happens and your suppliers unfortunately,  due to situations out of their control, let you down.

winter weddings

Outdoor winter wedding ceremony

An outdoor wedding ceremony is unlikely, but sometimes it is still very possible.  Most wedding celebrants would be well up for it and an outdoor winter wedding ceremony most certainly should not be ruled out altogether.

If you are organised and prepared there is certainly nothing more memorable than a winter outdoor wedding ceremony.    Picture a beautiful crisp day with fire pits ablaze and everyone wrapped up in faux fur rugs.  Amazing.

Winter wedding folklore

You may be incredibly lucky and get a dusting of snow on your wedding day.  It would be a photographer’s dream and the possibilities are endless for romantic and magical images with a winter wonderland background.

According to wedding folklore snow could also mean great things for your marriage!   Snow on your wedding day is a sign of fertility and prosperity.

Even rain in some cultures is considered lucky on your wedding day.  Rain is said to symbolise fertility and cleansing.

And for me the noise of heavy rain creates a natural drama.   Really there is nothing more romantic than the sound of it beating down on the roof whilst everyone is cosy inside with roaring fires.

winter weddings

Winter wedding timings

In the winter of course the days are much shorter.   The nights draw in and so you must bear the twilight time in mind and think about your timings for the whole day.  Discuss with your photographer and make sure to take advantage of the daylight for some outside shots.

Equally make use of the dwindling light with sparklers instead of the traditional confetti shower  and indulge in a magnificent and dramatic firework display to celebrate your marriage.

When darkness falls the contrast is striking.  The romance and atmosphere of candles and twinkly fairy lights combined with roaring log fires create the ultimate romantic and enchanting atmosphere.

winter weddings

Winter wedding decor

The colour schemes of winter weddings are sophisticated and elegant.   Luxurious jewel tones of crimsons, purples and gold for the drama and then the cooler icy tones of muted whites and silver.  Whichever way you lean both are eye catching and stylish.

For a more rustic feel incorporate evergreen branches and pine cones into your centerpieces and place settings.

Use seasonal wreaths for the ceremony space along with scattered candles continuing the romantic feel without being over-the-top.

Outdoor decorations also add to the romantic and elegant ambience.   Provide your guests with a view of a winter wonderland with illuminated trees and walkways outside by using lanterns and fairylights.

And finally

The nights might be darker, but the sparkles are brighter, atmosphere merrier and the whole day is bursting with romance.  Not to mention also a lot cheaper!  So take the plunge and start planning your winter wedding

winter weddings

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