6 fun facts on wedding cakes

Apr 16, 2020 | Blog, Weddings

The wedding cake is a very traditional part of your wedding.   Here are 6 fun facts about this age old tradition.

Where do wedding cakes originate?

From the Romans.    Back then they were barley bread like cakes and were a symbol of fertility and prosperity.   Outrageously at the end of the wedding ceremony these ‘wedding cakes’ were thrown by the groom at the bride or broken over her head.  This was done to ensure good fortune and a happy marriage.  Guests would then scramble about picking up any crumbs and take them home hoping they had acquired some of that good luck.   Thankfully over the years things have become a little more sophisticated and there is no throwing of cakes just a dignified cut.

Why do we have tiered wedding cakes

Each tier of a wedding cake has its own significance according to tradition but like all traditions nowadays these can be modified to suit yourselves.  One tradition states that the top tier symbolises the couple, the bottom tier symbolises the couple’s family and the middle tier symbolises the children they hope to welcome to the family.  Some couples have a fruit cake filling so that they can keep the middle tier for the christening or naming ceremony of their first child.

Do you have to have a wedding cake?

Absolutely not.  As with all things wedding.  This is your day so do it your way.  But it’s worth bearing in mind that when cakes are done well they really are a work of art and definitely create a bit of a wow factor but if it’s not your thing don’t spend your precious money on it.    Also after a delicious three course meal are your guests going to have any room for cake?  Consider this are you really only having the cake just to cut it?

wedding cakes 6 fun facts

How to choose the perfect wedding cake?

Gone are the days of a traditional wedding cake.   Although during your wedding ceremony the ooo’s and ahh’s will be over your dress (and personalisation of your wedding ceremony ) the wedding reception brings with it the chance to create another ‘wow’ moment with a luxury wedding cake.   Some of the edible sculptures now created by the luxury wedding cake designers would not look out of place in an art gallery.  You will be amazed by what can be created.

But there are lots of elements to take into consideration before you reach that point.  From shape, size, flavours, tiers, decoration, icing versus no icing, colour.  So at the end of the day just stay true to yourselves and make sure it fits in with the theme of your day.

A somewhat forgotten longstanding tradition is including baking silver charms in your wedding cake.   Don’t forget to warn your guests beforehand or they may have a surprise whilst eating your cake.  Charms can include anything from a heart representing true love to a clover for good luck, purse for good fortune etc etc.

What does the cutting of the wedding cake symbolise?

This again is a traditional ritual at a wedding and the first the bride and groom will perform together as a married couple.  The groom places his hand on the hand of the  bride when cutting the cake to symbolise his support for her and her promise to take care of him and their family.  Tradition dictates that couples should cut from the bottom tier to symbolise the longevity and continuing of their relationship. Last, but definitely not least, the custom according to which the bride and groom feed each other from the cake symbolizes their commitment to take care of one another.

6 fun facts on wedding cakes

Once it’s cut your caterers will take it away and slice it up to distribute to your guests.

When do we cut the wedding cake?

As always there’s no right or wrong just what really suits the running of your day.  So it’s either straightaway once you’ve made your entrance into the reception area and you head over to your show stopping cake.  Another option is to combine the cake cutting with before the toasts/speeches start or when they have finished.  Finally you could use it as a signal that dinner is at an end and the dancing is to start by cutting the cake.  Whenever you decide, the cake cutting is another great photo opportunity for a wedding photographer to get some beautiful shots of you both.

Cake glorious wedding cake!  In short, romance is the icing but love is the cake.

In the main these beautiful cakes were made by Claire makes Cakes based here in Devon.  She makes beautiful cakes for clients all over the county.  The photographer was Venetia Norrington Photography

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