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Your wedding ceremony is a celebration of your love and commitment to one another. It is one of the most meaningful and intimate moments in your life.   Your wedding ceremony needs to reflect this and be representative of you and your partner’s ideas, aspirations and core values. It is my promise to you that your ceremony will give your union the respect it deserves.

Allow me to ease some pressure by helping you create your perfect ceremony. Whether you know exactly what you want or have no idea. I am here to work with you to make sure the outcome not only incorporates your dreams but exceeds your expectations. Furthermore I will ensure you enjoy the journey.

In the words of AA Milne ‘we didn’t know we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun’. And that’s exactly what we’ll do – make memories of a truly fabulous event in your lives.

All ceremonies include:

  • An obligation-free, initial meeting within a 10 mile radius or video call.
  • A ‘getting to know you’ questionnaire
  • A secondary meeting to discuss in detail your wedding plans when we go through the completed questionnaire together.  I listen to your ideas and plans and discuss how we can create a meaningful, bespoke ceremony.
  • Drafting your bespoke ceremony and sending to you for approval with unlimited editions and revisions until all parties are entirely happy
  • Access to all my resources.  Sample vows, readings, poems and more that I have collected over the years.
  • Telephone and email support throughout from the moment I am appointed and throughout the entire creative process
  • Liaising with venue, suppliers and all key people involved.
  • Wedding rehearsal at the venue if requested within 30 minutes of my home or a video call rehearsal
  • The ceremony performed on the day with professionalism, vibrancy and personality and dressed appropriately to compliment the bridal party and reflect your dress code.
  • Witness Ceremony including personalised wedding certificate.
  • A bespoke boxed scroll of the ceremony script and vows.


Price start at £50 per ceremony

Jumping The Broom
Jumping the Broom is a ceremony which signifies the beginning of a new life and creation of a new family by symbolically ‘sweeping away’ single lives, former problems and concerns, and ‘jumping over the broom’ to enter upon a new adventure as a couple.

Handfasting Ceremony

Handfasting is originally an ancient Celtic tradition and  it is where the term “tying the knot originates”. In ancient Britain, it was traditionally the way that couples were officially married before the Church became involved in weddings.

Today a more modern form of handfasting ceremony is becoming increasingly popular for all couples looking for another way to acknowledge and celebrate their connection and love.

Retaining the symbolic nature of the ceremony it honours a couple’s desire for commitment to each other and to acknowledge that their lives and their destinies are now bound together.

The couple’s hands are tied together with one or several coloured cords or ribbons, symbolising the desire of the couple to be united.  The cords or ribbons can then kept as a keepsake and a reminder of the vows they have made.

Cord colours have their own symbolic meaning but colours will have different meanings and symbolism for individual couples.  So go for broke and choose the colours that mean and symbolise something personal to you.

Handfasting can be included as part of a traditional wedding Ceremony normally following the vows.

Unity Candle Ceremony
This is a very romantic ceremony that has many creative opportunities to make it unique and personal and can include family members as well.  It works equally well for a naming ceremony.  The merging flames represent unity, strengthened love and shared lives and can be especially symbolic in a second marriage when there are stepchildren.

Like the Unity Sand Ceremony below, I offer some beautiful candle holders/storm lamps in fine quality  handmade glass and a bespoke engraving service.

Rose Ceremony

The Rose Ceremony is simple yet beautiful and can be used in all marriage and civil partnership ceremonies. Some couples may like to add a personal touch to make the ceremony more meaningful to themselves and perhaps involve some family members, a Rose Ceremony is a meaningful way of making this possible. The Rose has always been the flower most associated with love and the Rose Ceremony incorporates this to symbolise the couple’s love for one another, and the joining in the love of two families.

The couple shares two roses, and choose any number of family members they wish to take part, with one rose given to each.

To perform the Rose Ceremony, the couple set up three vases – one large central one, and two smaller ones on each side. The bride and groom hold one rose each of a chosen colour, usually red, and also give a single rose to the members of the family who will take part. The family roses can be of the same colour as the couple’s, or different – for example, the couple have red roses while the family have white- or even a different coloured rose for each family member.

At an agreed point during the ceremony, the couple place their roses one in each of the smaller side vases. The family members then approach one by one and place their roses into the central vase. This symbolises the families of the bride and groom joining together. The bride and groom then take their individual roses and exchange them as their “first gift” to each other. They then place the roses in the central vase, to symbolise joining of their newly created marriage to their families.

Unity Sand Ceremony
This  ceremony symbolises the joining you both and is often suggested if there are young children involved and ideal when looking for a ritual to involve them.  Sand is blended together symbolising you only and/or your families being brought together and never to be separated.  Simple vases can be used or I can supply bespoke high quality handmade engraved glass vases choosing your own text or one of the beautiful designs on offer.  They  are beautiful keepsakes and can be used for years to come.

Loving Cup or Wine Ceremony

The use of the Loving Cup at a wedding is an ancient Celtic tradition, the cup is known as a Quaich, which comes from the Celtic word cuach, meaning cup. The traditional Quaich is shaped like a 2 handled bowl with a Celtic design although there are many designs available. Some couples choose to have a crystal wine glass with their names and date of the wedding engraved.

The purpose of the Loving Cup is for the couple to have their first drink together as husband and wife and symbolises the joining of two families. It is the perfect moment for the couple to toast their love, devotion, unity and friendship and usually comes towards the end of the wedding ceremony.

Ring Warming Ceremony
The whole wedding party can participate in this ceremony.  The rings are passed around the family members and as they are held by each member a silent wish should be made for your future and then passed to the next person.  You should choose a personal but secure receptacle to pass the rings around.

Wedding Capsule Ceremony
Again there are some alternatives.  You could write love letters to each, or choose your favourite wines or anything that is personal and significant to you both.   Whatever it is then placed in a bespoke box or container which remains sealed until a nominated anniversary, normally the first.  Some  prefer to pass the box amongst their  guests who drop their messages of support, advice, well wishes or memories. Whatever grabs you.