How to create a very personal wedding ceremony

Apr 2, 2020 | Blog, Weddings

Do you want to create very personal wedding ceremony?   One that will be remembered for years to come.  Here are my top tips to reach perfection.


Whether it’s a quintessentially English garden wedding in a marquee or a beautiful classic  country house wedding venue like Huntsham Court here in Devon or the tithe barn at the  Symondsbury Estate in Dorset.  Perhaps you’d prefer an elegant hall or home in the city.   Alternatively a festival glamping vibe.   Your choice of wedding venue will be reflected in the style of your ceremony.  For example a country house lends itself to the more formal atmosphere.  The festival style is informal.


Once you’ve chosen your venue, your celebrant should match that criteria.   If you love the traditional but want a modern fresh feel with personality and humour.  You’ve  your style.   Your ceremony can be tailored completely to reflect your vision making it personal and unique but also including the familiar wording of a conventional ceremony.    Anything can be achieved by working closely with the celebrant that is compatible with your vision.

personal wedding ceremony


This is your ceremony.  If you like you could personalise it by introducing an unorthodox way of entering the ceremony.  You may prefer a conventional type of ceremony but that does not mean you have to arrive to your ceremony in the traditional way.  You may want to enter together.  You may want to enter on your own.  You may want to enter from opposite sides of the marquee.    The bride may want her mother to give her away or both parents.  There are many options which we can discuss.


To ensure that that very personal ceremony is achieved a connection between yourselves and your celebrant is essential.   Be prepared to bare your soul.  To break the ice a questionnaire is provided which comprises some probing as well as light hearted questions to get to the bottom of all things YOU!  It forms the foundation of your ceremony script.  But don’t get bogged down this whole process is meant to be fun.  A good way is to answer the questions independently and then show each other later.  Some consider it quite cathartic.

personal wedding ceremony


The bridal party are important players in any wedding ceremony.  Often not all the guests will know everybody on both sides.  So provide your celebrant with some fun or endearing stories about them.  All these elements make the ceremony personal.


Although the ceremony is all about you another way to make it really personal is to include content on your wonderful relationship with family or friends.   It’s an opportunity to thank individuals who have been particularly supportive over the years.  It may be the mother of the groom, a bridesmaid or anyone who is just special.  The occasions when you can express your feelings come few and far between so go for it.  These references don’t need to be heavy but fun, light hearted and sincere.    It will make the participant feel included, special and  doubtless receive a knowing laugh from your guests.


The most personal have to be when you write them yourselves but YOU may prefer to use the familiar generic vows.   The questionnaire you will have received will help you at the beginning but writer’s blog at some stage is inevitable.  The fog will lift.  Use the internet for inspiration.  Find words that resonate with you, it could be a quote, a poem.  Then adapt it suit you.   Just be yourselves.  Think about why you love that person.  Look at photographs.  Remember.  And the words will follow.


Like your vows there are many different wordings for this part of the ceremony.  Some simple others more elaborate.  Choose the wording that resonates with you both.


All music is personal.  But if you are lucky enough to have friends or family who can sing or play musical instruments this is the icing on a very wonderful cake.

And so there you have it.  Some top tips to make your wedding ceremony PERFECTION.

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