What’s the process of working with a Wedding Celebrant?

Jun 16, 2020 | Blog, Weddings

Everything you need to know from your first point of contact to the wedding itself.

Learn about the process of working with a wedding celebrant or specifically me Fan, at Fanfare Ceremonies.

Learn exactly what happens from the first point of contact with a wedding celebrant right through until your wedding ceremony itself.

You found me

You have done your research by looking through directories such The Celebrant Directory,  on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

Perhaps it was a personal recommendation. But anyway, whichever way you did it – you found me!   Hurray.

You have checked out my website, read my testimonials and have decided that I could be the wedding celebrant for you.  You reach out to me most likely by email.

What happens next?

I’ll be delighted to hear from you and hopefully will be available on the date you have chosen.  I’ll suggest we meet, preferably, face to face but if that’s not possible on FaceTime.

We meet

This meeting is not long.  It’s a bit like a speed date!  You will tell me what you are planning and can ask any questions you may have.

I will explain what happens when working with a wedding celebrant and the service I provide.

By the end of this meeting you will know whether or not your instincts were right and that I am the wedding celebrant for you.

You will be sure that my style aligns with yours.  You will be sure that we will able to work together happily and closely.

You will be sure that you have found a wedding celebrant who can fulfill your vision for your  ceremony.

I guarantee you will know when you have found the right person.

whats the process of working with a wedding celebrant?

Making the right choice

I cannot over emphasise the importance of choosing the right wedding celebrant.  You need to have a good rapport.

Your wedding celebrant will be the one who will be standing in front of your families and friends and speaking about meaningful elements of your lives.

You should feel comfortable and relaxed with the person who is not only playing this important role but will also navigate you through the entire process.

A great wedding celebrant does not cost much more in context than other suppliers but the difference between getting it wrong or right is striking.

Choosing a wedding celebrant on price alone is a huge risk.  A great wedding celebrant has the power to make the difference between an ordinary ceremony and an extraordinary ceremony.

Book your wedding celebrant

Once you’ve decided I’m the one I will request a £100 non refundable deposit which saves your date.

Like most wedding celebrants I only present one ceremony a day.  So I shall be yours on that date for as long as you want me and can be completely flexible on time.

I will then send you a contract for you both to sign and return to me.

what is the process of working with a wedding celebrant?

When do we meet again?

The next time we meet is not until about 3 months before your ceremony.  During the interim period I am absolutely delighted if you keep in touch letting me know how your wedding plans are coming along and to help in any way I can.


Prior to our next meeting I will send you a questionnaire.  Ideally I like it returned before we meet next ‘the big fat meeting’ but this is not essential.

My couples although a little horrified at the outset actually find the whole exercise rather fun and cathartic.

A lot of the questions are light hearted, some are more emotionally probing and some are factual.

In short it provides me with the foundations of your ceremony.  It forms the backbone of your script and I use it as an aide memoire for the timeline of your relationship and story.

The big fat meeting

You will need to allow a minimum of 2 hours for this meeting.  For me this is my most favourite part of the entire process.  It is when we all really get to know one another.

I hear all about your story and your plans for your wedding in depth.  I watch how you interact and your body language.

I watch how you react when you talk about the people you love.  Not only your partner but also your friends and family.

I will advise on ceremony design and content and when needed provide help with writing vows, music suggestions and reading choices.

I will work to create ways to include family and friends and offer experience in dealing with logisitics, family dynamics and high expectations.

When the meeting finally ends, we will kiss goodbye and I always hear myself saying ‘most likely the next time we meet it will be on your big day’.

I always feel I have made some new friends and hope that you will feel the same.

what is the process of working with a wedding celebrant?

Wedding ceremony script writing

The writing process of crafting your ceremony can be lengthy.

It is important to find the right words to reflect your story with equal measures of humour and sincerity as well as always ensuring that the essence of your love is reflected in it.

I will remain true to the style of ceremony you have requested and will bring your story to life making it entirely personal and unique and in so doing creating a lifetime memory.

When the first draft is completed I shall send it to you.  You will tweak and amend as necessary and I will do the same.  The script will go back and forth until we are absolutely happy.

what is the process of working with a wedding celebrant?

Supplier liaison

I will make contact, where applicable, with the venue and/or wedding planner make sure that we all are happy with the production of the day and on the same page.

I will also contact your photographer and videographer to introduce myself so that on the day we are all familiar with one another.

Your wedding

I always arrive a minimum of an hour beforehand.  This gives me plenty of time to introduce myself to members of the families and of course all the groomsmen.

I get a message to you (the bride) to reassure you that I have arrived.  I also make myself known to the readers and offer any advice where required.

When the music starts and the bridal party arrives heralding that the long awaited moment has come. My heart skips a beat.  Often my eyes fill with tears and I have to give myself a metaphorical kick to pull myself together.  That’s how involved I feel.

I then present our ceremony.  And I really mean ours.  We created it together – us three. It is the end result of months of happy collaboration and it will be heartfelt, sincere and filled with laughter and joy.

what is the process of working with a wedding celebrant

The beginning of your adventure

I utter the immortal words.  “You may kiss your beautiful bride” and for me it’s nearly over.  But for you it’s the beginning of bigger and better things.

Before I leave I love to get a picture of the three of us together.  For me these are the most special of all.

And so there we have it.  The process of working with this wedding celebrant.  It is a role I am passionate about, take very seriously and everytime feel utterly privileged.

If you would like to become a part of the ever increasing ‘Fanfare’ family please do get in touch I would love to hear from you.

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