The best kept secrets on how to personalise your wedding bouquet

Apr 28, 2020 | Blog, Weddings

What will the flowers you choose for your wedding bouquet say about you?

Discover the secret to how you personalise your wedding bouquet.

Your wedding bouquet should reflect your personality like your ceremony and every other aspect of your wedding day.  It’s much more than something to hold and keep your hands busy when you walk down the aisle.  Although realistically can you imagine what you would do with your hands without one?

Having said that there are absolutely no hard and fast rules saying you MUST carry one.  It’s your day you do as you wish.

Your wedding bouquet is a real focal point and a defining element to your bridal style.  Whatever arrangement you choose it is unique to you and your day.

And we’re not just talking colour.   Your wedding bouquet should celebrate your personalities and lifelong dreams and this can be done through the language of flowers and their symbolic nature.

The flowers you choose for your wedding bouquet are full of hidden meanings and symbolism.  By knowing their secrets you can add a really personal sentiment to your bouquet as well as having a quiet appreciation of knowing why you have chosen each variety.

Although colour and theme are important there is in fact another level of personalisation which is entirely unique to you and your vision.

Whilst researching this blog I discovered a fun fact.  Did you know that old-fashioned, traditional wedding etiquette calls for one extra detail of your love story? The groom was to buy his bride’s bouquet, demonstrating his perception of his bride through the collection flowers used.

I wonder how many grooms know about this?  Furthermore I wonder how many brides would want their partner to choose their bouquet for them.

bridesmaids how to choose

Discover the meanings behind some popular wedding flowers


This unique flower is available in a range of shades, including vibrant purple, pink, red and ivory.   It represents anticipation and excitement.  Little more need saying.

Baby’s Breath

Tiny and delicate they add a touch of romance to any bouquet or flower crown and ideally suited for flower girls.  It is most commonly seen in white but it can also be in pink and yellow.  It symbolises innocence and also fertility.


Some would say that the peony is one of the most romantic flowers you can include in a wedding bouquet and why’s that?  Because they literally symbolise a happy marriage and good fortune.

secret on how personalise wedding bouquet


The rose is synonymous with weddings.  It has different meanings when used in an arrangement, depending on the colour you pick.  White roses are a popular bouquet choice and stand for purity, innocence and youthfulness, whilst red roses represent love, passion and beauty.  Light or dusky pink petals are said to mean admiration, gentleness and grace and peach coloured blooms suggest sincerity and gratitude.  We recommend, if you can is find, a scented variety.

secrets on how to personalise your wedding bouquet

Sweet pea

The homely sweet pea with its delicious scent and wide ranging colour palette make it a flexible and popular choice for a bouquet inspiring country weddings and femininity.

Lily of the Valley

This small delicate flower has had a surge of popularity since the Duchess of Cambridge chose it for her wedding bouquet.  It symbolises the return to happiness and also trustworthiness.


If you want to make a statement then a sunflower is for you in your wedding bouquet.  But the meaning is conveyed in the length of the stem.  Short stemmed sunflowers represent adoration while longer stemmed haughtiness so not so ideal. 


These delicate white flowers are simple scented and undeniably elegant in a bouquet.  The tiny trumpets are said to symbolise marital happiness.  A perfect addition to your bridal bouquet.

personalising wedding bouquet

So there you have it some beautiful flowers and their symbolism which will add that extra personalisation and meaning to your wedding bouquet.

Make sure your flowers add a magical message to your big day.

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