What makes a great wedding celebrant?

May 11, 2020 | Blog, Weddings

10 top tips to follow to find a great celebrant

A great wedding celebrant has a passion for what they do and cares deeply about the role they play.   Follow these 10 top tips and find yourselves a great celebrant.

  1. They have a passion and respect for the role they play

Great wedding celebrants do not consider their role as a job.  They are passionate about the part they play in your wedding ceremony and are committed completely to you as a couple to fulfil the vision of your ceremony.

This passion will be evident in the chemistry that you will strike up together.

They absolutely love and are committed to what they do and respect the responsibility that they are being entrusted on one of the most important and intimate days of your lives.

What makes a great wedding celebrant?

  1. They are great listeners

Great wedding celebrants are genuinely interested in you and your ceremony.  They are awesome listeners.   They are also intuitive and will ensure that the essence of your love is conveyed from the information they glean from you.

They will watch the interaction between you in order to offer a suggestion that you may not have thought about but which turns out to be perfect and absolutely personal to you.

  1. They are Empathic

They are highly empathic people.  They have big hearts and are natural givers with an innate curiosity and an ability to understand feelings and perspectives.  Great wedding celebrants use all these traits to craft a highly personalised ceremony for you.

  1.  They are collaborators

They work closely with you to create a ceremony that reflects your story.  It is a collaboration.  A great wedding celebrant will create a rapport with you so that you feel relaxed and happy to share personal elements of your lives and amusing anecdotes.

They really value your input and will help when you are struggling to express yourselves.

A great wedding celebrant will provide ideas and help about ceremony design and content and help when needed with writing vows, music suggestions and readings.

what makes a great celebrant

  1. A Team player – with other wedding suppliers

A great wedding celebrant will also work closely with the other wedding suppliers involved in your  day.  Notably the event manager at the wedding venues, the wedding photographers, videographers and any musicians.  They will liaise and co-ordinate with all these suppliers to ensure a happy, relaxed and professional atmosphere.

  1. They are personable, fun and friendly

They are aware that the entire process of planning a wedding can be stressful.   From your first meeting to the day itself they will make the whole process as fun and relaxed as possible.

They are able to combine the serious element with the fun part of a wedding and actively want you to enjoy it all.

A great wedding celebrant sets the vibe for the day.  They will welcome your guests, introduce themselves to key players and ensure that everyone has a really good time and feels involved.

They work to create ways to include family, friends, traditions,  cultural and faiths.  They will offer experience in dealing with logistics, family dynamics and high expectations.

what makes a great celebrant

  1. They are great storytellers

A great celebrant is versatile and will bring your stories to life whilst at the same time making the ceremony entirely unique and personal.  Everyone’s taste is different and a great celebrant will not only understand that but expand on it to create a bespoke masterpiece.

A great celebrant will be confident which will show in their face, gestures and body language.  They won’t rush when present the ceremony.  They will allow pauses for comic timing and intonation.

They know what they’re doing and this confidence will draw you and your guests in and make everyone feel connected.

Their choice and delivery of words, tone of voice and unfaltering confidence are all equally important and combined, ensure a truly magical and remarkable ceremony.

  1. They are memory makers

A great celebrant knows that the best wedding ceremonies are entrenched in personality and authenticity.  They listen to every word you utter about your story and watch the interaction and body language between you.

The writing process can be lengthy to find the right words to accurately reflect your story with equal measures of sincerity and humour.

A great wedding celebrant will craft a ceremony that reflects it and in so doing will create a lifetime memory.

what makes a great wedding celebrant

  1. They are calm, professional and organised

A great celebrant won’t let you down.  They are incredibly organised and nothing will faze them.  They will manage any unexpected challenge that may arise on your wedding day before or during the ceremony.  They are reassuringly confident under pressure and always keep a happy upbeat mood.

They are a constant reassuring presence at all times. They will make sure the ceremony flows according to your vision whilst navigating you through what is often a very nerve wracking moment.

They have only your best interests at heart and your enjoyment is their number one priority.

  1. A great celebrant is worth paying for 

A great celebrant does not cost much more in context but the difference is striking.   Choosing a celebrant on price alone is a huge risk.

A great celebrant has the power to make the difference between ‘just another’  wedding ceremony and a remarkable wedding ceremony.   This is a fact you probably won’t know until after the event.

So in short contact a great celebrant who aligns with your personality.  They are ultimately going to be a conduit to express yourselves during the ceremony –a memory which will last a lifetime.

what makes a great wedding celebrant

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