Who is Fanfare Ceremonies? 8 fun facts about a Devon based Wedding Celebrant

Frances aka Fan is the wedding celebrant behind Fanfare Ceremonies read on to find out a bit more about her …..

Fanfare Ceremonies is the Devon based wedding celebrant business run and owned by Frances Cave aka ‘Fan’.

When choosing a wedding celebrant it is absolutely essential that you and the celebrant have a connection.  It is an extremely personal decision.  Not only will you be telling that person all about your love and relationship in the hours of behind the scenes planning  but on your wedding day this is the person who will be standing with you during one of the most intimate, nerve – wracking and exciting moments of your life.

They really are a key part of the day.   After all without a Celebrant there would be no wedding.    There are lots of boxes to be ticked so it’s essential you choose someone who you get along with as well them being professional, organised and unflappable.

stylish personal wedding ceremony

So here are some fun facts about Fan, the woman behind Fanfare Ceremonies.

1  Hi I’m Fan!

I’m 58 and married to Nick, a farmer and have 3 grown up children.  I have a background in the wedding industry having run a marquee and event hire company with Nick for many years and so am well acquainted with the intricacies and attention to detail required when organising events.

When I’m not working I love hanging out with my children and holidaying with my husband.  I love to laugh, dance, spend time with my girlfriends, swim in the sea, and my dog, a black labrador Prudence.  The silliest things make me laugh and I’m told by my friends that I’m warm, kind, direct, generous and funny.

2. What do you love about your job?

I love a good celebration of any type  and love in particular  is really worth celebrating.  I love meeting new people.  I have been so lucky that all the couples I have worked with on ceremonies have been interesting and absolutely delightful.  I love that they are so so happy.  It really is a dream job.

3. What do you find challenging about being a wedding celebrant?

The fact that so many people have not heard of a celebrant and that there really is a creative alternative to the ‘normal’ registrar civil ceremony.  Couples still seem to place importance on the legalities and want the ‘one stop shop’ despite the restrictions that go with those ceremonies.

4.  How would you describe your signature style?

Having been married in church myself my style leans towards the traditional combining romance, sincerity and humour in equal measures.     I guarantee there will be no yawning, snoring or boring – just smiles, laughs, hugs and happy tears.  I like to think I put a very personal and contemporary twist on a pretty full proof tried and tested traditional formula and in so doing, making it memorable and hopefully remarkable.

5.  Do you have a particular favourite type of venue for your ceremonies?

I love country venues particularly at the family home of the bride or groom.  There really can’t be anywhere much more personal.  However if that’s not possible in Devon we are  blessed with a vast choice of beautiful venues, ranging from the large manor houses to converted barns.   I have been lucky enough to work at quite a few including Rockbeare Manor  Huntsham Court  The Barn at Barons Hill Farm Deer Park.  There is an amazing choice for everyone.  Whether the style is rustic charm or high end elegance and luxury I don’t mind.  The traditional style of my ceremonies suits both themes.

devon wedding celebrant fanfare ceremonies

6.  Where is your ‘go to’ place for inspiration?

Just behind our house there’s a hill which has the most amazing view over the fields towards the sea and the Sidmouth gap.  I head up there, normally with Prudence especially if I’m struggling with a bit of writer’s block.  Its extraordinary what happens after I’ve been up there for some peace and quiet.

7.  What’s your once piece of advice for a bride?

To enjoy every single second and to do it their way.  oooops that’s 2!

Jess and Jess. Outdoor wedding at Streamcombe Farm. Celebrant wedding photographed by Vaughan-Stephens Photography

8.  Have you had any funny moments?

When my adrenalin is pumping my nose runs like a tap so I always have a generous supply of tissues with me.  At one wedding my nose was streaming.  I was introducing myself to one of the sweetest little page boys.  I had knelt down to his level and we had a rather one sided chat.  I was just saying how nice it was to meet him and getting to my feet when he said ‘what’s that on the end of your nose?”  Thank heavens for him.  I had loo paper stuck to the end of my nose.  Can you imagine how awful that would have been in all the photographs!

Barons Hill Barn wedding

If’d you like to hear more about Fan’s service don’t hesitate to contact her she’d love to hear from you.